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Love is ... / Friendship is ... - 8th grade

Love is ... / Friendship is ... - 8th grade

Love is
what we feel for family and friends. Love is beautiful. Love often makes us
feel better. - A.S.


Love is
about caring for someone, it's about being worried about them all the time,
being happy for their success, but most of all love is about being okay with
them. And no matter what fights you have everything will be fine again. - B.L.


Love is
thinking and worrying about someone. Love is knowing you can tell them
everything. Love is being there when they most need it. Love is the smile that
you put on my face when I don't feel like laughing. - C.S.


Love is
caring for the people that care for you. Love is feeling happy with other
people. Love is harmony and peace in the world. Love is sharing happiness. Love
is helping people see who they are, and love is to not be afraid of sharing our
feelings. Love is love. - F.V.


is always having someone to count on, a chosen family. Friendship is fighting
and hugging at the same time. - I.E.


is a kind of relationship you have with a trustworthy person where you have
fun, tell and discuss things you don't with other people. - M.D.


isn't just someone that makes you laugh, is someone you trust, someone that
would help you in hard situations. Yes, maybe they laugh when you fall but that
doesn't make them fake friends because you laugh at them too. When you look at
your friend you need to see someone that gives you good advices and not someone
that tells you to go rob a store or smoke a cigarette. - M.F.

Love is
when you feel comfortable telling whatever you feel. Love is happiness in your grey
days and what helps your dreams come true. Love is being kind to someone even
when they are not kind to you. And love is a flower that people grow together.
- M.F.

is trusting the other person who is always by your side. - M.R.


is trusting the other person and telling things that no one else knows about
you; and it's making that person feel special. - M.S.


Love is a
feeling difficult to describe. You can love a person and hate them at the same time,
but love is something good like the taste of a milkshake. You can share your
love with a person by being nice, worried or through simple acts that can turn
the person's day happier. Love is not about a girl and a boy, it's about our
family, friends and who helps us achieve our happiness and dreams. - S.W.

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